Visual FX

Visual FX

3D, Video Editing & Motion Graphics


Youtube Intro

Made with After Effects & Premiere Pro


Streaming (Twitch) Intro

Made with Cinema4D, After Effects & Premiere Pro

xRpmX13 Gaming

Youtube Intro

Made with After Effects & Premiere Pro

visual fx recommendations

"I turned to Shaked for a 3D Intro for my livestream channel, Shaked provided professionalism and personal service that resulted in a stunning final product. Thank you Shaked"

combining 3D Branding & Enviorment Building with Visual Effects to create stunning cinematic visual shorts.

With 3D marketing tools, you can tell your brand story in a new, immersive way, anywhere and on any device or platform. 

Script planning and working with the customer to better understand and display the vision of the product.

Visualizing, building, and refining 3D content that helps define the final aesthetic of the brand.

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Creating environments, backgrounds and layouts working off a design brief or script to bring the customer's vision to life.

Visual FX Examples:

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